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相信大部分人都可以毫不费力地认出这几个数字--504192。可别让这“毫不费力” 把你给骗了,在我们大脑的左右两个半脑中,有一片主视觉皮层V1,那里有 1亿4千万个神经元,中间有上百亿个连接。除了V1区域,人类视觉还用到了 整片整片的其他视觉皮层,V2、V3、V4、V5,它们一起进行着复杂的图像处理。 我们脖子上面,可是一台超级计算机,它在几亿年的进化过程中,已经很好地 适应了认知这个视觉世界的能力。识别手写数字其实并不容易 ...

Setup a personal TiddlyWiki on OpenShift

I have always been looking for a perfect personal note taking tool, and tried many different things, yet I'm satisified with none of them. Evernote is neat and clean, has great support for rich text format, as well as pictures, audio and video. It's also web based, and ...

My first post with pelican octopress theme

Not a big fan of blog, but I was really fascinated by this idea of having a static microblog site which is:

  • written in plain text with your preferred markup language
  • generated and themed on-the-fly
  • version controlled by git

While Jekyll and Octopress are two such excellent tools, they are ...